Cacique® Yogurt Smoothie – Strawberry
Enjoy a burst of flavor in this luscious Strawberry Cacique® Yogurt Smoothie! This robust drinkable yogurt is made from real fruit and Grade A low fat milk. Strawberry Cacique® Yogurt Smoothie is not only delicious but also a healthy complement for a balanced diet. Only Cacique® Yogurt Smoothies provide the untamed flavor of a natural just-picked strawberry while giving you a dose of healthy nutrients such as protein and calcium as well as probiotics for digestive health.  All of our products are proudly made in the U.S.A.
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Aaron Sanchez Presents: Cacique Yogurt Smoothies
Celebrity Chef Aaron Sanchez gives expert tips on the best ways to enjoy Cacique Yogurt Smoothies, including a healthy fruit parfait and homemade yogurt Popsicles.
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